Punjabi Community Health Services (PCHS) is a pioneering community-based, non-profit charitable organization with a 33-year history of serving diverse populations

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Sahara Geriatrics Program


Sahara Geriatrics Program (Services for Seniors)

Sahara Geriatrics Program strives to empower, support, and educate seniors to improve their quality of life. Sahara Caregiver Support and Respite Program (SCSRP), Integrated Seniors Team (IST), Behavioural Support Ontario (BSO), and Langar on Wheels (LOW) programs within the Geriatrics Program are culturally and linguistically appropriate. Education and other resources are provided to clients to promote healthy aging, physical independence and well-being. This program uses a holistic approach by providing supportive counselling services to individuals and family members.

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Sahara Geriatrics Program

The Sahara Caregiver Support & Respite Program (SCSRP)

provides culturally and linguistically appropriate services to seniors and caregivers.

The Integrated Seniors Team (IST) Program

Integrated Seniors Team (IST) is a partnership project with PCHS, SHIP (Services and Housing in the Province)and Peel Senior Link.

Behavioural Support Ontario (BSO) Program

Behavioural Support Ontario (BSO) program caters to the needs of caregivers of older adults (55+) with cognitive impairments