• Anu Sharma

  • Diane Douglas

    -Vice President
  • Preet Sohal

  • Karan Dhillon

  • Meenu Sikand

    -Board Member
  • Michelle Shaw

    -Board Member
  • Areesha Zubair

    -Board Member
  • Lovejoit Brar

    -Board Member
  • Marty Klein

    – Ex-Offico

PCHS’s Board consists minimum seven and maximum nine community-minded people who provide leadership to the organization. They govern the organization according to PCHS by-laws.

PCHS board is a Governance Board and their role is work closely with the Executive Director while ensuring that PCHS functions within the established strategic priorities. The Board of Directors help set strategic priorities, have a fiduciary responsibility, and assume overall responsibility for the organization. This is managed through various sub-committees, bringing in new volunteers to serve on these committees and serving as ambassadors of goodwill for PCHS.

The Board of Directors meets a minimum of ten times annually. Each monthly Board meeting allows them to report on their own initiatives and receive a report from the Executive Director and other staff on agency initiatives. Every Director serves one-year terms to a maximum of three. New Board members are recruited whenever there are vacancies. Should you be interested, please contact us and you will be put in touch with the Chair of the Board of Directors.

For more information please contact us.